The Royal Slicers (normally just referred to as The Slicers or The Slashers) are a small well armoured gang that operate in the south-east of the Royal Wastelands, within the Kingdom of Kent.

Name Edit

The name originates from the two different words used in the name.

"Royal" comes from the lavish way members dress. Members are never seen not wearing a full suit with shoes and ties and their signature overcoats. It also describes the amount of money the gang has and is a reflection of their wealth.

"Slicers" comes from the fact that all of their members carry some form of bladed weapon. This blade is usually used to finish off their enemies or in the use of torture. Victims of the Royal Slicers usually brandish large scars on their faces made by a bladed weapon, which is where the origin of the name probably began.

Structure Edit

The Royal Slicers have a particularly strict hirarchy upon which orders are relayed to members.

Standard Roles Edit

At the bottom are Associates which are not actual members but instead help gang members. These may be people that help to provide resources like food and fresh water for the gang or people who provide intel for the gang. Some associates will join the gang in raids in the hope that they will be selected for recruitment.

Next are Soldiers who are the foot soldiers of the gang. They do all the dirty work. A soldier may have several associates from outside the gang and can suggest them to their highers for recruitment.

Next are Sergeants who usually commands all of the soldiers in one neighbourhood. They act as the shot caller for those soldiers and will give them orders based on the orders given by his superiors.

Next are Lieutenants who command a group of soldiers and several sergeants, known as a Sect, which generally operate in one town or settlement. Lieutenants, in essence, are the middlemen of the gang. They deligate orders to their sergeants which are given by their superiors.

Finally at the top are the Generals who control several Sects and therefore control a large portion of the gangs territory. They are the shot callers that answer only to the boss and will relay the orders they are given to their lieutenants.

Specialist Roles Edit

Some of the roles in the gang are most specialised for specific tasks.

The Sergeant at Arms is a Sergeant with command of the soldiers in the HQ. They also have the special responsibility of documenting and protecting the gangs armoury. They are in turn assigned soldiers for the protection of the armoury and are also tasked with training Quatermasters who work in Sects to provide maintenance to weapons and armour.