The Meopham Rural Committee is a medium sized farming community located within the Kingdom of Kent.

History Edit

Before the Great War, a local community consisting of Meopham, Luddesdown, Cobham and Cuxton existed. This small community of villages banded togther as crime within the UK rose before the Great War and crops were beginning to be stolen.

After the Great War, many of the members of the committee were still alive and so began the process of rebuilding.

The crops that were grown in the committee were different from before the war however. It turned out that the radiation had effected the ground just enough to turn the crops into much higher yeilding versions of themselves and this allowed the committee to stockpile lots of food.

In 2120, the committee made first contact with the Kingdom of Kent. Seeing that at this time, the kingdom was in dire need of food, thanks to several failed harvests. A trade deal was set up not too long after the meeting in which left over crops from the committee would be sold to the kingdom. Relations between the two communities continued to improve and in 2150, the kingdom made moves to try to encorporate the committee into the kingdom. A vote in the committee however showed that the committee wanted independence.

A Vassellation Agreement was proposed to the committee in 2177. After many debated over many years, it was eventually signed in 2181 and allowed the following to be enacted:

"In regards to the Kingdom of the Kentish:

  1. The Kingdom will guarentee the self-governence of the Committee in regards to industry, construction and law enforcement.
  2. The Kingdom will provide assistance to the Committee in case of any natural or unnatural cataclysmic event.

In regards to the Meopham Rural Committee:

  1. The Committee will reliquish all lands and produce of the land to the Kingdom.
  2. All Committee military forces will pledge loyalty to His Royal Highness, King Ryan II, and all of his successors ad infinitum.
  3. The Committee will provide survival training for all members of the Kingdom military. The Committee will also provide specific training for snipers, scouts and trackers when they are required to."

The committee is now the largest sole provider of grain and livestock in the kingdom with over 60% of the kingdoms food supplies comming from the committee.

Military Edit

The Meopham Rural Committee has a surprisingly strong military detail given their size. Everyone in the committee when the Great War started were nowhere near to any vaults and so had to survive independent of any outside assistance for a long time. This made the members of the committee great survivalist and hunters.

Training Edit

After the Vassalation Agreement was signed, the kingdom immediately established the Royal Rural Training Centre. Located in Meopham, it would provide a manditory 2 week course for all members in the kingdom military and it would train them is survival and rural fighting tactics.

The Royal Rural Training Centre would also provide specific training for snipers and trackers.