The Kent Military Academy (usually abbreviated to KMA) is a military training facility that primarily focuses on officer training and weapons research. It is the single largest education facility in the Kingdom of Kent.

History Edit

Before the Great War, the Kent Military Academy use to be a university called the University of Kent. The vault dwellers of the Canterbury vault knew of the University and before the war, many of the books from the universities library (Templeman Library) were stored there to preserve some of the more important artifacts and documents.

The vault dwellers did manage to reach the university not long after they exited the vault, but many of the educational resources had perished. The university itself was left along for a long time, save for the occasional occupation of raiders or gangs which were soon cleared out by the growing Kingdom of Kent.

Soon the kingdom needed a place to train specialist soldiers and with many of the universities building still in good order, it was decided that the university would be converted into a military academy to train officers.

Kent Military Academy was establised in 2210 and since then has been educating all of the officers that serve in the Kent Armed Forces.